Questions about fonts and presets

After being happy with Scrivener on the Mac for a long, long time, I recently ran into problems with fonts on my iPad. For some reason, I’ve been tasked with doing internal documentation and am forced to use the CI-approved fonts. To make my life easier, I installed them using a MDM-Server (it helps being the Mac admin in the company as well).
When I open a Scrivener document on my iPad, the fonts are rendered as well as they were on the Mac. The presets are there as well and in preview they seem fine. Applying the presets - let’s say a subheading - and the font is replaced by the default font. For some reason, probably because font management is strictly an afterthought on iPadOS, I am unable to choose a font for writing which is perfectly viewable. And, unfortunately, that syncs back to the Mac. Any idea how to circumvent that?

And is there any way to assign shortcuts to presets as on the Mac?

Presets? Are you still using Scrivener 2, three and a half years after the version 3 release?

In v3, you’d use styles, and they do have shortcuts.

v3? I’m using 1.2.1.
And yes, it’s called styles on the Mac. Sorry. But I guess you were able to figure what I meant anyway. Still, I seem unable to use any keyboard shortcuts on the iPad.

Version 1 is ten years old, it has no styles, and if there’s a bug in it, it will never be fixed.

@drmajorbob, I believe @zikade is referring to their iOS Scrivener version, rather than their Mac Scrivener version. iOS Scrivener current version is 1.2.1. If a project is created/used only on iOS Scrivener, it has presets, not styles

Two questions, @zikade:

  1. What version is your Mac Scrivener?
  2. Are you working with the same project on both Mac and iOS?

Thank you. Yes, that’s why I posted it in the iOS section. :slight_smile:

  1. Mac version is the latest, v3.2.2
  2. Yes

Dang! I gotta pay better attention.

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to this thread before today, @zikade.

In answer to your question, no, there’s no way to assign keyboard shortcuts to presets/styles in iOS Scrivener. Nor is there any way to edit them in iOS Scrivener.

Regarding the font question, though, I have some better news. There are two possible ways to address this.

  1. If you’re using Dropbox for sync, create a new folder inside your Scrivener sync folder, named “Fonts” (case sensitive.) On your Mac, copy the fonts you’d like to have available on iOS into that folder. The next time you sync your projects, iOS Scrivener will upload those fonts for its own use, and all will be well.
  2. If you’re using some other means to move your projects back and forth between your systems, I suggest copying the font files to iCloud. On your iPad, open the Files app and navigate to where you saved them. From there, open each font file in Scrivener.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately it wasn’t that easy. Since the font had been installed using a profile it wouldn’t install in Scrivener until me removing that profile, do as you suggested which worked perfectly, and re-install the profile afterwards.
Probably because the poor excuse for font management Apple introduced is truly awful.

thanks again :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is that Apple has changed its API interface for font access in the last year, and Scrivener hasn’t been updated since. :frowning: I used to recommend installing via profiles, but no more, for that reason,.

Glad to have been of service!