Questions about teaching with Scrivener

I am teaching a writing class for 7-12th graders at a homeschool co-op this fall and want to use scrivener because that’s what I use in my own writing, and I like it. The students will each have a USB drive for their assignments and I was intending on including a copy of scrivener for them to try and register later if they remain in the class. I know that I will have a mix of Mac and PC users, so I was thinking of putting both on the USB and letting them load the version they need. Later in the course, they will be trading their USB drives so they can edit their peers’ writing. So my questions are as follows.

Can I download both mac and windows version onto USB drives and allow the students to decide?

Is the trial period valid with the educational edition?

If they are registering separately can they still get the educational discount?

Are the files created easily accessible cross platform?

Thanks in advance.

See … businesses and the sales email address mentioned within it.