Quick bug precis[NOTED]

Hi… I’m trying to do NaNo, so I’m sorry to say I can’t review the entire forum (excellent feedback though it does, undoubtedly, contain) and must simply point out the aspects that “bug” me the most.

  1. Composition, mostly. I was frustrated to realize that I wouldn’t be able to simply bang in content within Scrivener, for the fairly straightforward reason that it won’t accept it even at my fairly slow typing speed (~50 wpm, typically, and a lot less when I have to think about it). Original Macintosh computers used to have that odd proclivity of falling behind the keyboard, which was actually kind of gratifying as you watched the cursor catch up to you a second or two after you finished up your graf.

Scrivener doesn’t do that, exactly. On my composition machine (32-bit Toshiba Satellite running Vista Home Premium, Intel Core 2 running at 1.73 GHZ with 3GB RAM), composition is transparent and perfect within the text panes at the outset of a Scrivener project. However, once there are more than a few thousand words there, even entering a small string of characters causes Scrivener to “soft crash” for a minute or two while it thinks about it. During this time, no Scrivener functions are available; in fact, if I minimize the Scrivener pane while it’s in this demi-failure, it refuses to reappear at all until the sentence fragment has been examined, approved and entered to the project by the sedulous battalion of Scrivbugs.

Because of that, I have been entering the text for my NaNoWriMo project in MS Word, then copying it and pasting it over to Scrivener so that I can push chapters around and view the “org chart” of corkboard notes that is the main reason I’ve been drooling after Scrivener for lo these coupla years.

Spell-checker: sure, it sucks. Please don’t take it hard. :wink: All spell check software is abysmal. The ability to update its dictionaries fluidly and ignore its functions readily is really all I ask from a spelling checker. And THANK YOU for not attempting a grammar nanny.

I don’t find any scriptwriting functionality in my copy. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong… Anyway, would like to try writing a screenplay in Scrivener, once it’s up and plummily featurized.

I’d like to find a “Format Painter” in there somewhere. That’s one of MS’s best features. Hopefully, they don’t own it so much that it’s unadaptable to Scrivener.

Apparently, I can’t “CTRL-A” and highlight the full text of my project, only the text within one section. Unfortunately, there are currently more than 30 sections.

Anyway, that’s it for me for now. Must make words appear in MS Word, so that I can transfer them to Scrivener, so that I can save my project, so that I can finish my NaNoWriMo project, so that I can be one of the cool kids who become early adopters of the program for which I really almost bought a Macbook Pro that I didn’t otherwise need, simply in order to experience it in person.

I credit Scrivener with pushing me into NaNo, but I gotta tell you guys: I’ve never in my life worked this hard for a 20-dollar rebate.


Jack Lewis

Hi Jack - yep doing NaNo here.

Unfortunately you didn’t let us know what version of the beta you are using. Are you using the most current beta 1.3?

  1. Composition - I remember seeing more lag in earlier versions, but the beta 1.3, I’ve been having scenes go above 2,500 words, at 50+ wpm, with no issues.

  2. Spell-check, also a little hard to discuss without knowing what version you are using. The earlier ones had a lot more issues, but spell-check bugs are well documented here in the forums. Personally, I disabled the check while you type option.

Scriptwriting, not sure on that as I haven’t been testing that functionality. Someone else may answer on that one shortly.

Jack, sounds like you’re running an early beta that did have some lag issues that we addressed. The current beta 1.3 has most of the early dictionary bugs fixed; however, it still doesn’t remember words yet. Also, rich text has many issues, so if you’re cutting and pasting from Word etc. I’d probably wait either for the final release in Feb 2011 or at least until beta 1.4 which will probably come out early Dec 2010.

I appreciate your blunt and honest feedback - thank you.