Quick Indents...?

Hi All,
I am a new user of Scrivener (and of Macs too). How do I make quick indents of paragraphs on the fly?

At the moment I am clicking on the Format Menu -> Text -> Indents-> Increase Indents, and this is laborious. I am hoping there is button on that can be added to the tool bar that indents a paragraph to the right. But I have not been able to find a way of doing that.

I notice that a four-key keyboard shortcut is given for Increase Indents. But this shortcut contains a key “->” which is not on my Mac keyboard (That seems odd). I am using a German MacBook Air.

I really like Scrivener and appreciate how beautifully thought out and designed it is. Not being able to indent paragraphs when making notes, is very frustrating though.
Many thanks for your help.


That is just the right arrow key, which should be on any keyboard. You can, however, assign your own keyboard shortcuts using the OS X “Keyboard” system preferences.

All the best,

Hi KB,
Thanks for the advice. Something is amiss though. When I press those keys, together with the right arrow key that you mentioned, the mac makes a gruff noise (presumably signalling that this combination doesn’t do anything) and indeed, nothing happens. I’m puzzled.

Is the focus in the text area, in they text you want to change, when you hit the keys? And are you hitting the opt-cmd-control keys at the same time as the arrow key?

I may change the default shortcut to opt-cmd-[ and ], but the current shortcuts should work, although I’ve only tested on an English keyboard layout.

All the best,

Perhaps that key combination is tied up by the system somehow? You can run through the list in the Keyboard Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard system preferences pane and see if anything is assigned to these four keys. Could be Spaces or something like that.