Quick notes on the Windows tutorial

Hi Keith and Company! I just went through the Windows tutorial and now feel ready to embrace my Scrivener destiny. I noticed a few things during the tutorial that I wanted to share in case they’re helpful in future versions.

Keep up the great work!


In my version, “Step 1: Beginnings” is a hidden (unexpanded) subfolder of Part 1: Basics, so it took me a while to find it.

In my version, these buttons are at the top of the inspector in a header bar. (This comes up a few times in the tutorial.)

In my version, I didn’t see a Show Pins option. There was, however, a “label pins” option that seemed to do the trick.

Thanks for the notes, Chris! Was this a fresh install of 1.9 or did you have an earlier version of the program that you updated? The inspector tabs were only moved to the top in 1.9 and I believe this was addressed in the 1.9 tutorial, but older versions would have said bottom. I know there was an issue with the tutorial project not coming out right for some users when updating from an earlier version, so I’m wondering if that might be a factor here.

I want to make a bad date-with-destiny joke here, but I’ve a head cold and nothing witty’s coming. :wink: I hope you enjoy using Scriv!