Quick question on Comments Feature

I’ve been trying out the comments feature, so I could make bookmarks for different parts of my novel. Everything is working fine, except when I want to list the comments for more than one document.

I watched the video and it showed that once you have the comments open for one document, you could just select another and the comments for that section would be added beneath it.

However, my problem is…

Every time I select a second document, my Inspector window changes to the Project Notes view. And I have no way of getting back to the Comments window either.

Is this some sort of preference that I accidentally selected somewhere? The behavior is not like it’s shown in the tutorial.

Any ideas?

The tutorial video you watched was likely featuring the Mac version, which does work a bit different in this regard. On the Mac, and the way it will eventually be working with Windows, if you select multiple text documents and view them in Scrivenings mode (so you can see all of the text together, separated by dashes between files) then you would also have all of the comments & footnotes stacked in the Inspector, and freely jump between them regardless of the underlying file separations.

However with Windows it has been very challenging getting the multiple file editors working together more cohesively. There are a few side-effects of that, and this is one of them. Another is being unable to select text across a file marker.

So for now, know that we definitely have this high on our list of things to fix, but it’s not easy (in all honesty, it will probably require a complete rewrite of this component of the software), so that is why it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Thanks, Amber. Yes, it was a Mac version in the video and I’m using Windows.

I’ll just use it with separate documents now. The feature is still somewhat useful this way, too.

Hope you can make it work in the future for Windows as well.