Quick question

Greetings all

Just one quick question please. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere, i cant seem to find it.

I’m waiting for some funds to clear in my account before i take the plunge and purchase Scrivener. I use a windows 7 operating system and have tried the trial version which i m delighted with. (thank you for the trial). If i purchase the windows version, can i download and install the mac version too (assuming i later purchase a mac computer), or would i have to purchase that separately?

Many thanks in advance

Thanks for giving Scrivener a try-out! Here is an article answering your question.

Thanks for the reply.

You just gave me one more reason not to buy a mac, lol. Ill stick with Windows for now. Just got to wait till the end of the week. The price is reasonable anyway, cheaper than i first thought it would be, and its good to know profits go to a small team of dedicated staff. Count me in.