quick ref disappears when seeing project settings

I had opened a quick ref panel. But it has gone away when I opened the project settings from the project header. The tutorial says the quick ref panel was a way of reading the instructions while seeing the project settings, but… yeah. It does disappear.

Hmm, it should remain visible, even if Quick Ref windows are set to float. Are there any other conditions necessary to get this behaviour, like Full Screen mode being used? Here is what I tried:

  1. Created a new blank project.
  2. Type in a word.
  3. Used the Navigate/Open/as Quick Reference command.
  4. Used the Project/Project Settings… command.

Result: the Project Settings sheet opens on the project window, and the QR panel remains below it. Granted, I suppose if I moved the panel completely over the project window and opened Project Settings it would disappear because it would be behind the window.

I’ve updated the instructions in the Tutorial to make this clearer as follows:

Tip: You can open these instructions in a separate window so that you can read them while the Project Settings panel is open by clicking on the yellow pencil button in the toolbar. This opens a “Quick Reference” window which you can place alongside the main project window. If there isn’t room on your screen for both windows, go to Window > Float Quick Reference Panels. This will ensure the Quick Reference window floats over the top of the main project window.

I followed your advice and now the quick ref window floats. It would be nicer if the project setting window could also float (or any other window) so I could drag it to one corner of the screen and then see whatever I have in the quic ref window at the other side. But maybe that wouldn’t be so useful for things other than just following the tutorial – idk! Anyway, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile: