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I use two screens in a mobile environment. One is a Macbook Air, The other is an iPad Air. Using Duet Display, I extend the Mac’s screen real estate to the iPad. This words well for a busy app like Scrivener. I’ll often have Scrivener taking the full Mac screen, with one or more Quick References floating on the iPad.

The problem is that the iPad has WAY finer resolution than my old MacBook. So the font in the Quick Reference panes is tiny. Yes, I can zoom them right up to legible, but that giant sizes the font back in the Editor too. I have to reduce the zoom when I’m done with the QR.

Please, Keith… can you put the very same display % feature from the Editor down at the bottom of the Quick Reference panels?


I also use Duet Display with an iPad Air 2 and an MBA 11. Have you tried reducing the iPad resolution when using it as a second screen? I do this on my Mac, from the Duet Display menu bar menu. I do this by opening the Mac duet menu, clicking Advanced Settings, and then choosing the largest iPad text resolution offered. This gives me a resolution of 1024 x 768 on the iPad, which matches my MBA 11 resolution of 1366 x 768.

Of course, if you’ve already tried this & it doesn’t work for you, never mind… :blush:

Hope this helps!


Are you increasing the actual font size of the text in the QR panel (using CMD +), which does impact on the editor as well? Or are you just increasing the visual zoom level (using CMD >), which should work independently of the editor? In the grab below, the QR panel is zoomed in, but the editor isn’t.

Or do things not work this way when using an iPad as a second screen?

Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks for the ideas…

Silverdragon, I have tried that and it works. But then I have to re-set screen resolution afterwards. I’m a total pig for desktop space so that I can tile multiple windows on the iPad. I already use multiple desktops on the MBA. To have several resources available while working in Scrivener (without switching desktops and panes), my iPad screen resolution is set to a bigger pixel count than default. And then I sit right up close! :open_mouth:

JoRo, I have had to increase font size because zoom doesn’t work on the iPad screen. Selecting “Zoom” actually zooms to fit screen (no effect on font display size), while “Zoom to Fit Screen” does nothing. Strange.

Changing the font size is a pain because most of what I do with QFs is cut-and-paste back and forth from a second document in the Editor. Different font sizes!

I’m back to kissing Keith’s ring, pleading to have that nice little display % selector from the Editor patched to the QRs.

In other words, you have tried my method and it doesn’t work for you. :smiley:

I like to have a lot of resources available as well—I just refuse to squint and put my nose on the screen to see 'em. No worries—it would be a dull world if we were all the same.

Hello, eric1954.

There are two sets of zoom controls, one under Window, which controls the window size, and one under View, which controls the text-zoom percentage, keystroke CMD >.

This second one is the same, I think, as the display % selector from the Editor.

The View zoom doesn’t work at all? What happens if you set the zoom level while the QR panel is on the Mac’s screen and then move it to the iPad – does it just default to an arbitrary zoom level?

Slàinte mhòr.

Hello JoRo,

Progress! While the Windows zoom doesn’t work the View > Zoom does.

The trouble now is with the keyboard shortcuts. CMD-< pops up the Scrivener Preferences. CMD-> closes the QR.

I didn’t mess with / overwrite these shortcuts, so I don’t know why I get this behaviour.

I suppose I could try to create shortcuts in Keyboard Maestro, but that isn’t a general solution for other Scrivener users because of the cost of KM and the learning curve required.

I’m not aware of any way to revert shortcuts in Scrivener to default / factory settings.

Hi, eric1954.

Good news.

If the > key sits above another character on your keyboard, you will need to use the shift key as well. So CMD SHIFT > and CMD SHIFT < should work.

You should, unless iOS gets in the way, also be able to use the menu options, so long as the QR panel has focus at the time.

Slàinte mhòr.

I agree this is probably the issue you’re having with text zoom (as opposed to window zoom). I just wanted to point out that the convention is that if two different characters are listed on a key, then the notation for a shortcut will omit SHIFT when you would have to hold it down to type that character. Typing a , for instance, requires the SHIFT key, but shortcuts are usually written CMD-, rather than CMD-SHIFT-*, or CMD-SHIFT-8. For letter keys, which rarely if ever have both the lower-case letter and upper case letter on them, you can assume that if the shortcut notation fails to mention using SHIFT, you can omit it.

There is one other thing to be aware of with those shortcuts, and that is that they don’t work well on Swedish and I believe German keyboards, as the placement of this precise shortcut conflicts. The solution is to change the zoom shortcuts, which you don’t need any special tools like Keyboard Maestro to do.

But to confirm, all of the main text editing views have independent zoom scaling available to them, we just haven’t squeezed in the button everywhere that can be done. In many places it wouldn’t fit (even if it looks like it would, design often has to accommodate all variations not just the one you’re looking at).

Aye to Robert’s point:

developer.apple.com/design/huma … /keyboard/

This is because on some keyboards shift might not be necessary, depending on the layout and placement of different keys. You often see “help” listed as CMD SHIFT /, but, as Apple says, it should be CMD ? (which is also a lot more logical, IMO), and in some layouts – for example, Danish – the slash and question mark aren’t even on the same key.

Slàinte mhòr.

Aha! The inclusion of the Shift key works. Problem solved!

Thanks, everyone for helping sort this out. And so quickly too.

I regularly use a half-dozen forums for software issues. Scrivener forum members are the most participative and helpful of all. Still, it begs the question whether you’re getting your own writing projects done when you’re lurking on the forum. :wink: I’m glad you are though!