Quick Reference Folder

When I open a folder normally, it shows the contents of all the files, but when I open it in a quick reference window, it doesn’t.

That’s intended behaviour, I think—it’s the same on the Mac.

When you open a folder in the Binder, the default behaviour is to show the contents of all children as a Scrivening (combined virtual document), which is presumably what you have been seeing. (You can change this to see only the text that is in the folder (i.e. not the children) by clicking Ctl-1.)

Quick Reference windows, in contrast are a (relatively) limited editable view on the contents of one single document – so all you see when you open a folder is the text of the folder itself, not of the subdocuments.

You can test this by selecting a few documents in the binder and Navigate > Open > As Quick Reference. You’ll see that it opens a separate QR window for each document, not the combined Scrivener view you see in the Binder/Editor.


That’s correct, both Quick Reference and Copyholder features are by design content editors/viewers. They are not full editor splits with all of the piles of code that it takes to run those.