Quick Reference windows remembering their size & position per document

Hi :slight_smile:

For those of you who have been wishing that the QR panels would remember their size and position, I just discovered that this little (free) app that is intended to allow just that for Windows’ File explorer actually works with Scrivener’s windows. :wink:

It runs in the background. All you have to do is set your window the way you want it and hit the key combination (Ctrl-Alt-Z ; it has only this one) so that it learns the parameters.
It adds the window in a list, based on the title bar’s reported name. — So just don’t have two documents with the same name if you want them to display differently from each other in a QR.
After that, every time you open the document in a QR panel, it sets it to the previously saved size and position.
That’s it. Simple as that.

(I’ve been using it for Windows File Explorer for a good while, now, and without any issues. )


Interesting! It appears to be written in AutoHotKey.

I’ll definitely give it a try, although what I really want is for Scrivener to reopen all previously opened QRs when a project is reopened.


Not perfect, but if you add those documents to a new / dedicated collection, select them all from there and click image , you’ll get that.

You might even be able to AHK this.

Anyways, of course, it can’t give Scrivener orders and doesn’t. All it does is recognize windows…

Yeah, that’s a great idea.

Just before I close a project, I’ll add the QRs that I want reopened to a collection dedicated to that purpose. An AHK script running Documents > Add to Collection should be able to handle that, although I would probably need to run it multiple times, once for each QR window.

Then when I reopen the project & launch all the QRs in the collection, the WinSiz2 utility should remember where they were.

I’ll circle back here & let you know how it works!


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I was actually thinking of the “open collection, select all, display as” part. As a AHK script.

Say you name that collection so it is always listed first, that should be scriptable.

You could also use the status + project search, instead. (If not using status already.) That’d give you a quick, easy and accessible way to toggle which documents to display in their QRs on project open.
Heck, now that I think of it, it could also be as simple as a dedicated symbol inserted in your documents, at the top (or whatever), in the title or editor + project search.
You can have compile remove it, so it is not a nuisance whenever you compile.
[EDIT] In the title would actually be a bad idea, since that’s how the app recognizes the windows…