Quick UI color pallet switch / Glare reduction

Mostly for iOS but for Mac (and Win too) versions, please consider a easy to find toggle that switches to a secondary color pallet. I mean this mostly for use in low light conditions on my iOS device, but it would be useful on my MacBook Pro as well. Hard code a low-light color pallet if you must, add it in settings if you can, but please consider this. As for icons, try a Sun for profile 1 and a moon for profile 2 and just tap/click the icon to swap the UI pallets.

Thats really all I’m asking for. Just a quick toggle to keep from blinding me at night.

I find that turning down the brightness of my Mac helps in the evening, and iOS these days has a mode that changes the tone of the screen in low-light which works well.

There’s no easy way of doing a palette switch, as that would involve a completely alternative icon set, and there are vast numbers of icons in the macOS version (and a lot in iOS). Also, colours are customisable throughout macOS, so there’s no good way of just overriding all of the user’s colour choices.

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The OP, if they are not already familiar with f.lux, may wish to investigate it for their desktop as a solution for the brightness issue. It took me a little while to get used to it, but the benefits have been worth it (lots less insomnia!)

f.lux for iOS requires jailbreaking, so I’m not so sure about using that.

A built-in similar feature is found in iOS9.3 and newer, called Night Shift.

Night shift is problematic at best because it modifies the system pallet. Its not quite the same as inverting the pallet schema. Its still a bit glare generator with a near total white background at night. Try it tonight, go to your bathroom or similar internal room without windows, close the door, turn on night mode on your phone, fire up Scrivener and then put the screen to sleep. Switch off the lights and awaken your phone.

Turn the lights back on, switch on Night Shift, and try again after your eyes are adjusted to the light again.

It helps, but its still quite a bit of glare if your trying to save your eyes while working in low light. Mind you Night Shift works by dropping blues from the system display pallet to not interfere with your abillity to sleep, its not about glare reduction at night.

Sorry, thats not a viable solution.

Keith, the MacBook is less of an issue than iOS. As I’ve pointed out about, the iOS tool for this is not the ideal solution.

Why are new icons needed with a pallet shift? What does Scrivener do now if someone selections white text on black backgrounds for their user customized color pallet? Please don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to be difficult (even if I’m succeeding) I’m trying to understand what I’m missing here.