Quickest way to insert intermediate arrow connected notes

as illustrated below what is the quickest way to insert 2 between 1 and 3 ?

This is an issue I encounter frequently when I am reviewing / revising maps / canvases of notes and markedly slows down my workflow.

thank you very much

Double-click on the arrow.

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Have you already created 2 and entered a lot of text? @drmajorbob’s solution is good if 2 doesn’t exist. If it does opt drag 1 to 2, 2 to 3, next drag 3 to 1 and then reposition 2.



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Or can select all 3 disconnect arrows then line up 1,2,3 and deselect right click connect and all 3 will be connected

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@GoalieDad @xiamenese @drmajorbob

all great solutions. A perfect answer to my question. thank you all three VERY MUCH.

I can’t see double click on arrow in the manual. Is it mentioned ?