Quickly tagging words/sentences


Apologies if there is an obvious solution to this, but I haven’t been able to find one yet.

When reading a document I would like to be able to quickly tag single words or sentences for future reference, with several categories like “re-word”, “research needed”, “name change” etc.

I thought that highlighting would work but although I found some instructions to create shortcuts for specific colour highlights (via Mac keyboard settings) I’ve found them very temperamental. The shortcuts will work fine, then suddenly they’ll stop doing anything at all. I’ve tried a few different shortcut combinations.

Is there an alternative that I’m missing?


I use the Inline Annotation feature for this sort of thing. Either I’ll mark the text itself as an annotation, or I’ll add text like “check link” or whatever.

You could also use the Comment feature, comments having the advantage of being visible in the Inspector pane.


Thanks! I’ve finally managed to figure out the highlighting shortcut issue - whenever I start up Scrivener I need to look into Format>Highlight to get the shortcuts to work again.