QuickReference Window - Notes not visible

some days ago I could see my document notes in the QuickReference window, now they seem to have disappeared… only main text visible, nothing to grab und pull, to make anything else visible (as I remember it from some days ago).
What do I do wrong? Thanks for help!

Hi Susanne,

At the bottom of the QuickReference window toward the right you should see an empty dropdown menu; if you click that, you can pull up Notes, Synopsis, etc. If your focus is in the QR window, you can also use the keyboard shortcut ctrl-opt-cmd-H to display the notes. Once that’s open, you’ll see you can drag the bar between the notes and the document itself to change the size (and of course you can resize the window entirely for more room too).

Oh thank you! That worked! And seems so obvious now… sorry to have kept you busy! Have a good new year, thanks again - Susanne