quicktime forward/backward

Not a bug, but Forward/backward value would be more efficient with one second duration step. Currently the step is one image long, which is useless to transcription (but good to analyze a movie). May be could you add a couple of shortcuts?
p-s you forgot to speak about forward and backward shortkeys in the help file, one occasion perhaps to implement my little suggestion…

You might want to take this up with Apple. :slight_smile: Scrivener just uses QuickTime’s built in “step forward/backward” methods.

From the section on the View menu (under “Menus” - shortcut keys are just keyboard shortcuts for menu items):

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Sorry, I did not see that section…

May be if you could loop 30 times the short image allowed by Apple, we could obtain the marvelous 1 second backwarding…
You know, I spent 2 years of my life programming a special software for transcriptions (LoopyLoopX). When I see its little brother be born inside such a beautiful environment (Scrivener) I wish for him a great growth…
Bravissimo for your work!