Just thought I’d mention this here: Quiver from http://happenapps.com/ might interest some of you. It’s an OSX program that’s billed as a Programmer’s Notebook, but it has a lot of high-powered notepad app features that might appeal; the usual hierarchical notebooks arrangement, but per their own description, “it lets you easily mix text, code, Markdown and LaTeX within one note, edit code with an awesome code editor, live preview Markdown and LaTeX, and find any note instantly via the full-text search.” Notes consist of “cells” (equivalent to a paragraph) that can consist of one of the above types – text, for example, or a chunk of code that can be exported and executed, or Markdown or LaTeX. It supports cloud syncing via Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud, and … the iOS version is in Beta!

I’m looking at it as a possible MarkDown editor/organizer with export, and – once there’s an iOS companion app – as a working replacement for Apple Notes (a roach motel: notes check in but they don’t check out again) or Evernote (I find the constant ads and upsell incredibly annoying, and it’s lost the focus on individual productivity by trying to become all things to all organizations).

Yes - I bought it a couple of months ago as an aid to learning Python, and it quickly became very much more. I’m just testing the Beta now on an iP Pro.