Quotation marks don't seem to follow system standard

Hi! Since upgrading to 3.0 the quotation marks I get when writing are the standard American curly ones (the first a 180° rotated version of the second), even though the system is set to the Swedish standard (curly, but both of them looking like the second American one).

I have the menu language n Scrivener set to English, as I find the Swedish translation annoying, but that shouldn’t matter, should it?

I’d be happy if someone could help me with this!

Hmm, that’s strange, as Scrivener just uses Apple’s code for quotation marks, which uses the system standard, so I cannot think of anything that would affect it. What if you do change Scrivener to use the system default language?

All the best,

Yes, if I set the menu language in Scrivener to Swedish (my system default) the quotation marks in fact turn out correctly, following the system standard. This isn’t an optimal solution, of course.

If you type the individual quotation marks (rather than using the troublesome smart quotation marks), do you get Swedish or English quotation marks? (Hoping to see if the keyboard settings are having an impact or not.)

Left single quotation mark: OPT ]

Right single quotation mark / apostrophe: OPT SHIFT ]

Left double quotation mark: OPT [

Right double quotation mark: OPT SHIFT [

Slàinte mhòr.

I don’t really know how to test this, since the Swedish keyboard layout lacks “[” and “]”, and I have to use OPT+8 and OPT+9 to write them.