I have been using Speech Pro 6 dictation box with Scrivener and when do quotes they are straight quotes.""
However, in options/corrections scrivener default was set to curved quotes “. I changed the setting to straight now, but want to find and replace curved quotes with straight. Even when copy and paste into find window, quotes keep showing up as straight. Anyone have thoughts?

(Using project replace) Find and replace curved quotes for straight quotes, even though they’ll look the same in the “Find & Replace” dialog.
→ Use copy\paste to fill in the “Replace” field for the quotation mark you can’t type in per your settings.

Do it once for opening quote marks, and once for closing ones if needed.

The fields in project replace don’t display curves if I remember correctly. (Away from computer atm.) But it works just the same.

Thanks, looking the same confused me will try and let you know

Unfortunately copying the curved quotes in the first box and straight in the second did not differentiate the two.

Ok then, do this :

  • backup project
  • Replace quotes with x9x (if Scrivener doesn’t differentiate the two, all quotes should then end up as x9x.)
  • Replace x9x with quotes.

will try, thank you and cross fingers

In Project Replace, use


for the Replace field and type a double quote in the With field (it will be straight regardless of your autocorrection settings in Options, as they don’t apply in these fields), then set the dropdown replacement option to Regular Expression. You can further refine the affected areas with the checkboxes below to change only main document text, for instance.

The bar between the open and close smart quotes in the Replace field means “or”, so this will replace either of the smart quote types with a straight quote. Just copy and paste from the code box above or type it in an editor where you’ll get the smart quotes and then copy and paste that to the Project Replace box.

Within a single document, Edit ▸ Transformations ▸ Convert Quotes to Straight Quotes will do what you want. (Ideally this should apply to multiple selected documents, but that’s not currently possible on Windows.)

If you know there are only a few documents to change rather than things everywhere throughout the project (and only in the main text), you could load them in Scrivenings and then use the regular Edit > Find > Find... by typing a double quote in both the Replace and With fields (again, regardless of your settings, this will be typed as straight) and leaving the find option dropdown as Contains, use Replace All. The quote in the Replace field match all double quotes in the text, straight or smart, but they’ll be replaced with specifically a straight quote.

Thank you, I did Vincent’s suggestion and replaced both straight and curly quotes with x9x and reversed and replaced x9x with straight after changing in options under corrections and appeared to work. Almost finished my first draft of first novel (6 chapters away) and will check as edit.