"Radical Innovation in Screenwriting Software!"

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BPC Screenplay - At Last Some Radical Innovation in Screenwriting Software!


Having bemoaned the lack of innovation in screenwriting software over the years I’m excited to be proved wrong with the release of the Berlin Picture Company Screenplay (BPCS). This software gives an indication of one route that screenwriting software could take in the future - a paradigm I call “visualactive”. In a nutshell BPCS adds an audio and visual timeline to your screenplay, borrowing a concept from movie making software.
What this means is that the software creates the audio of your script’s dialog blocks for you and also allows you to drag images onto your workspace to help visualize scenes or the shots within them (like an integrated storyboard).
So that’s the visualization and auralization part but what about the active? Well of course with this content added you can play back your script as an audio/image stream. Your screenplay can be “played”!
What’s exciting about this approach is that it takes screenwriting in an entirely new direction whereby the screenplay itself becomes a living, breathing aural and visual experience not just a textual document for reading. If this paradigm takes off it could have a lot of interesting results like making it easy to create a visual pitch for your screenplay that could be played online as a spec script selling tool - ScriptTube here we come!
I haven’t had the chance to work with the software properly so all this may be pie in the sky but I encourage you to support BPC’s innovation by paying just €25 for your own copy [Windows only :frowning: ] and checking it out for yourself. I will be producing a detailed review soon.


PC only, but may interest some.