Radio Mode

Given the explosive growth of podcasting, I think a Radio Script Mode would add a lot to the application. Magic Movie Screenwriter has it, but Scrivener is a lot easier to use - and is Mac friendly :slight_smile: !

For tips on formats: … ndex.shtml


I would love this. A lot of Screenwriting programs and discussions tend to focus so much on the first syllable of that term, with radio the forgotten cousin.

I’ve been using Nisus Writer for my radio scripts - thanks to a template created by a lovely person on this very forum - [url]]

I’ve imported it into Scrivener, and it’s working quite well. The only thing I can’t seem to fix is going from CHARACTER NAME to Dialogue on the same line. In Script Settings, if I allow tabs in CHARACTER then I have to manually invoke Dialogue, which is a bit tedious. However, if I choose Tabbing After Typing, then it takes me to the next line. Does anyone know if there is there anything I can do about this?


Michael, take a look at the UK stageplay format - that has character and dialogue on the same line.

You should definitely be able to set this up yourself. It’s late (after midnight) here so I haven’t had chance to take a look at the format. But basically, if one of you want to put a format together, I’ll be happy to give you some help, and equally happy to include it as an official format in the next update.

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Since I’m writing something for the radio at the moment, I happen to have this link handy: … oscene.pdf

That’s the BBC standard radio format for non-audience radio scripting. (A script for a show with an audience is slightly different.)