Random blank pages in PDF compile?

Hi, there!

I’m having an issue compiling a manuscript for paperback creation on KDP. Scrivener seems to be inserting random blank pages. What I’ve tried:

– Changing margins. Makes no difference.
– Checking to see if blank pages are systematic in any way (i.e., if I’ve hit a setting somewhere that gives me a blank page so that each chapter starts on the right). No pattern to the blank pages that I can see. Some chapters begin on the right, some on the left. One of the pages is between the acknowledgements page and the first page of the prologue.
– Checking the forums here to see if this is an issue anyone else has had. No one with the same issue that I can tell, although it does look like some folks had other blank page issues.

This was not an issue with my .epub compile; that looks great.

I do have page breaks set before each chapter in the compile settings. However, if I uncheck those, I just get chapters that run into each other, which is not what I want.

Any ideas?


From the main toolbar, try: Format>Options>Show Invisibles and see if there is anything at the page breaks.

I’m seeing the same thing in PDFs and .docx compilations: a persistent blank page is being thrown in a couple of places where the text on the page completely fills up the previous page.

I wondered if it were possible for Scrivener to do a final check for empty pages during compilation, though I imagine that this could end up in some sort of repeating loop.