Random blank pages in PDF compile


I’m compiling a book to PDF for print, but I am discovering some random blank pages.

With “show invisibles” on, I do not see anything different on the pages before these blank pages. Any idea what to look for? Thanks1

Is your project just a long list of documents on the same level? No folders or subfolders? One possibility is that you have chosen a section layout in Compile that says that all Binder documents should start on a new page. An extra return at the end of a document may then happen to end up on a new page, and the Compile format then make a page break to start the next document on a new page.

Ah – I took away the last pilcrow and that fixed it! Don’t know how I missed that. Thanks!

For future reference, there’s an option in the compile settings (under the gear icon tab in the rightmost pane) to “Remove trailing whitespace from documents” that will help clean up this sort of issue automatically during the compile process–it won’t fix it within your project, just in the output, but it’s a handy tidying tool.