Random Name Generator problem

I viewed the instructional video on the random name generator. When I used it on my version of Scribener, it wasn’t anything like that in the video. It could not generate any American names. It didn’t have the options for complexity, etc. Is this a difference between Windows and MAC ?

OK, let’s pull this one to the top again. I went to use the Name Generator in my Windows OS version of Scrivener ( - which the software tells me means I’m up to date) and I request - Male names, American first name, American Surname. Here’s the list I get:

Dravin Church
Jamarreon Willis
Jasontae Trevino
Blayze Haney
Mckale Johnston
Jovan Foley
Rohon Boyd
Stetson Obrien
Alexavier Garner
Kamarre Bishop

If I go for English first name, American last name, male:

Clayten Harris
Colton Kim
Healhtun Serrano
Fabian Hawkins
Wilfredo Terrell
Burghard Ramos
Jan Day
Jerrett Mendez
Harford Wooten
Edwald Slater

As a general rule, none of these names are particularly useful. Stetson O’Brien and Jan Day come closest, but surely I should get more than 10% of the results falling into the useful category. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just not a particularly good feature on an otherwise wonderful piece of software?


The built in files admittedly aren’t real useful. Here are some you can add. Others can be found on the Net.
Name files.zip (103 KB)
US-Census-Last-Names.xls (866 KB)