Random symbols while typing not in English

I’m experiencing the following bug. When I type in Russian sometimes I have random symbols (` ˚ ˇ ¨ etc) appearing in the middle of the word. I can’t identify any pattern in this strange behavior. Hope you could fix it as it is extremely annoying. Thank you!

What are your language input settings and which version of Windows are you using? Is there any pattern of keystrokes that reliably reproduces this? (If we could reproduce it, it would help find the bug.) Does this only happen in the main editor or does it also happen in the document notes and synopses?

If you could get a screenshot of it, that would be great. Just use the PrintScreen key to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint and save as a file to attach here. Thanks!

Hi! (I wonder if someone sees this post, as I’m posting in an old thread?)

I’ve got the same bug here. Also discovered when typing in Russian, but it appears in English as well. The thing is, I’m using a custom keyboard layout for both these languages—it’s Birman’s typography layout, which is rather popular in Russia (so maybe alexey8 uses it too).

Just as described, occasional weird symbols pop up when typing basically anything—body text, titles, even project name in the New Project dialogue. So it ends up looking something like this: Kather˚in˜e. (It was even funnier once, when I typed a, but å appeared instead.) Now I’m not that good at testing, but I have a feeling that same words produce similar results. But if I erase and re-type, or just type multiple times, the problem is gone. For example, if I type Katherine twice, I can get Kather˚in˜e Katherine. And then she is fine for some time.

I just started using Scrivener recently and haven’t tested this enough, so maybe the observations are not accurate enough. I had no such problems with default layouts so far, so I think the problem comes exactly from these custom layouts.


Sorry for the delay in response. From what I’ve seen of Birman’s layout, it looks like the diacritical marks are being incorrectly added the first time their associated key is pressed, that’s why you’re seeing n˜, for example. The good news is this only seems to affect the first time each of these keys is pressed after the project is opened (or after switching to the typographical keyboard layout, if you’re switching between multiple languages). While we try to figure out what’s causing this, the simplest workaround is going to be to just backspace and re-type (or you can type all of the associated keys right at the beginning, just to purge them - I believe those keys are `, 6 , q , ; , v , / - and r and z for the russian layout)

To make sure we aren’t missing anything, have you seen any of the other typographic symbols appearing in your text, or is it just the diacritical marks like those mentioned in alexy8’s original post?

The diacritical marks are `ˆ˘¨ˇ´ ( I figure you know that, being familiar with Birman’s layout, but I find it’s best to post everything so there are no miscommunications or faulty assumptions)

Oh. Yeah, unfortunately, I have to switch layouts all the time. It’s not a huge problem though, I just use standard layout in Scrivener at the moment, only switching when I need special symbols.
I also get these symbols apart from the ones you listed: ˚ ˜ ¸
Other than that, your account is accurate, as far as I can see.

Hello there!

Same problem here in french with a specific layout (Iam using Bépo, a layout made for writers : bepo.fr/wiki/Accueil).

I’ve made a short video displaying what happens: youtu.be/rib6r8F7Edg

It happens after launching the software and each phenomenon (I mean, when it triggered once) happens only once.

Hope it’ll be helpful. Throw me questions if needed :wink:

See you!

Hi guys,

This is down to a bug in the Qt framework Scrivener uses (see for example this report), so unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it directly. We’ll be updating to a newer version of the framework for the next major release, and I’m hopeful the changes from Qt 4 to 5 have resolved this issue. In the meanwhile, switching to another layout or purging the keys up front as Bryan suggested are probably your best workarounds.