Ranting about "Insert audio transcription timestamp"

Since this IS the “Wish List” area, I’d like to Second the attempt to improve Scrivener as a tool for transcribing media by adding a timestamp keyboard shortcut. I was glad to see that the starting and stopping of media could be accomplished with keystrokes, however it became immediately obvious that the inclusion of a timestamp shortcut would be even more awesome.
It’s nice to read here “AmberV: Thanks, this is something that has come up a few times in the past and I have it on our list for consideration.”, however after over a year having passed, no feedback on that “consideration” even with the knowledge that this feature is of interest to customers? not good continuity. :frowning:
How often do you get together to discuss these items? And once discussed, should you not return and post the outcome to the forum that generated the discussion?

If you weren’t apparently a total newcomer to these forums, you would know that the last year has been spent by Keith—sole Mac and now iOS developer—taking over the Scrivener for iOS development himself, doing a lot of recoding and getting it out into use, meanwhile working on the huge development work which is Scrivener 3, due out later this year apparently. Whether what you wish is coming with Scrivener 3 only the KB and the core team will know and the full feature-list hasn’t been released.

As for the Windows team, they are, I believe, working their socks bringing Scrivener for Windows finally up to parity, but with v. 3 for the Mac.

So you might like to read round the forums before you throw out somewhat snide posts like this.

I’m sure that AmberV is a professional and can handle/address a bit of feedback from a customer.

Your post is not helpful to the feature requested (the subject) and maybe should be in another section of the forum? “Apparently” you’ve spent the last nine years posting about once per day, I hope those posts were more helpful to your recipients.

And no, I refuse to wade through this forum for hours as a precursor to posting, I did my part by first checking the programs Help menu- nothing, and doing a search in the forum on the subject of interest. I bought a program, not a new friend or new purpose in life.

I’ve posted because we are in need of this information for possible future purchases, not to be policed by someone we were not speaking to.

Hopefully, “AmberV” can find the time to post an actual useful bit of information about the Timestamp feature.

All you have to do is ask, really, if you want an update. There is no need to go about wagging fingers and being condescending, because we aren’t doing things precisely in a manner that you’ve come to regard as acceptable feature list behaviour. :slight_smile: I don’t agree with you, for instance, in that I should go through years of posts and update them individually when a feature is implemented—some people might even find that annoying. That’s what change logs are for, and they are quite a bit more efficient at doing so in that we only have to say something once, and anyone interested in feature additions can simply read through the list. You can even use search in your browser to locate features in this list, since we provide them all on one page.

That all aside though: as Mr. X noted above, we’ve been at a feature frozen state for a good while now, getting the next big update finished. So there isn’t much to report on for this feature and most others that have arrived within that span of time, no matter how good the idea is.

There you are AmberV. Thank you for the reply.

I understand that it would be a daunting task to go back and update each post- I get that. Though I disagree that it would be annoying to have you deal with a post subject completely. Understand that THIS may be your playground, it is NOT however a favorite/necessary hangout for all customers. What would be a better solution, when addressing a “Wish List” request, would be to have a link(s) to this “Feature List” that was mentioned, placed at the end of your posts. Then new customers can do a search, find your post, and simply click to check status themselves. Otherwise, when we are using the latest program version (without the feature), we come here, see that a feature addition was discussed and possible, but after 16 months, it hasn’t been implemented (a very simple technical item- low hanging fruit, and one of admitted obvious value). It looks disconnected- the food on the table was rotten and all candles were melted to darkness.

Instead I’m faced with a legendary rhinoceros (xiamenese) going around stomping out hot spots, not adding actual value but smoking excuses and posturing his/her own flavor of “condescension.” And making suggestions on how “I” can post “precisely in a manner that…” he/she regards as “…acceptable…” It goes both ways. :slight_smile:

Since you invited: What are the odds that this feature would be implemented? We have Gigabytes of work in front of us and I’d like to recommend this program for the task, though my registered evaluation installation has crashed (frozen) three times and goes into “Program Not Responding” often, a new version might resolve this issue and with a feature like Keystroke Media Timestamp, we would be in the market.

Also, with the new media features of HTML5, if after pointing the exported document to the path of the media files (Export setup options), it would be nice to Export the media transcribed document, complete with links that would actually start the media file at the precise location that is indicated by the then hyperlinked timestamps- a little more technical, but think of the BUZZ…

Thanks again AmberV

Don’t let the generally friendly atmosphere of the forums fool you; these forums are here because they make business sense for L&L, enough so for their awesome staff to put up with us day by day. They are a great way to get helpful customers to share their enthusiasm and experience, disseminate information, and get a feel for what’s going on with the customer base.

They may be a playground for us customers, but they are work for L&L. If we ever outstay our welcome, it is WE who will lose a fantastic level of access. They may not be your favorite place to visit, but that does not strip them of all worth.

Wow. It’s not often one sees the very definition of pompous and peremptory in just one paragraph. The suggested feature has zero value to me. If you have a burning question, contact the developers directly. But be aware that the person answering will be one of those people that you have just ordered to UNDERSTAND something. I’m pretty sure you’ll still be able to get help in the playground, if you can stand to slum it a little.

By the by, an even cursory glimpse at the Wish List section would show that the Lit&Lat team engage frequently with their user base. It would also show that they have to deal with a lot of batshit crazy requests. Updating all Wish List threads would be insane. And if you’re too lazy to look up the feature set of software that you are considering buying, well, you have money to burn.

And just a word about xiamenese, whom you’ve denigrated. He remains one of the most helpful non-L&L members of this forum - which is one reason that his posts are so numerous.

devinganger, your interjection would NEVER happen if I was dealing with “Customer Support.” I imagine that they put up this forum because it’s cheap to setup and don’t have the money to dedicate someone to the task- just like the Windows 95 mix-and-match of icons that are being used in the Windows version of their program. They are busy coding and have to share/trust “Support” duties to this hit and miss, and not hiring an actual Windows interface artist to design a great Windows interface- they just took what they could get. The idea is good (the program) they just need to grow up a bit.
Instead, I’m here reading your “The Joys and Merits of The Forum!”

Kinsey, this is not about you and you are not the only one using the program.
When you are on a little known website called YouTube and you want to share a video, you can click on a Share button. You are presented with a check-box to indicate where in that video you would like the shared link to start. I get that YOU don’t see the value. But think, one of the largest internet companies in the world obviously differs with YOUR assessment of the feature.
So, back to THE SUBJECT. If we are transcribing media, and we have a shortcut key combination to insert the timestamp of THAT section of the transcript, and we publish the completed transcript complete with links to the actual place within the media where the transcribed statements were made, you don’t see value in that?
Also, I was speaking to AmberV about Media Timestamps. To add the HTML5 linking feature to those timestamps is NOT out of context and I should not have to run to another section of this forum to suggest it.

I offered AmberV a solution to the apparent dead-end to this subject- 16 months and nothing. I don’t think it is too much to ask, for “support” people to simply paste a link where people could get follow-up information. This is support, not “look at our forum, ain’t it neat?”. I didn’t just bitch, I offered a solution.

Lastly, “It’s not often one sees…” , “But be aware…” and "By the By, me pompous?- “The pot calling the kettle black”

Noise, nothing but noise.
Instead of a new Timestamp feature getting attention, you guys barge into the room and get all the attention- just like children do.

Hugh , You championing xiamenese, I appreciate the attempt but he added nothing but popping up as a Forum Nazi. One who gets SO familiar with a Forum environment, that they begin to police the WAY people post instead of adding real value. The appearance is that they are helping, in lieu of a real job(non-L&L member rightly), but in fact they repel current customers and don’t generate new ones- something REAL customer support personnel would never/should never do, and something they should ALWAYS do, respectively.

Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Nazi analogies) is an Internet adage asserting that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazism or Hitler approaches—​​that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism.

Perhaps this discussion has been going on for to long …

Yup, I think I’ve seen about enough of that. :slight_smile: I’ve split this whole rant off to a new thread out of respect to the OP that posted the feature request and locked it.