RC 16: binder right-click menu bugs

Two bugs in the right click menu of the binder, marked in the screenshot:

  1. the “change icon” option no longer has the triangle that trigger the icon selection menu. The triangle and sub-menu can sometimes be triggered with a shut down and restart of Scrivener, but seems to swiftly disappear again.

  2. This one might be an oddity or a feature I don’t know about, but there is a “move to” option beneath the regular move to that states “move to ‘Drowning in the Sun’ again”. Now, I do have a file in this binder called Drowning in the Sun, and selecting that option does nest the selected file under the DitS file. However, most of the files in this project had never been nested under that particular file, so I’m not sure why a) there’s a specific option to nest it under that file “again”, b) why this same option exists for every binder item in this project I right click.


Whoops, I see the change icon thing has been reported and fixed. My apologies.

If anyone can shed any light on issue 2, I’d appreciate it.

You have selected “Drowning in the sun” previously through the “Move to” sub menu. Because of this Scrivener creates automatically a “Move to “Drowning in the sun” again” action to help you move quickly multiple Binder items in a sequence. This is a feature.

Thanks for the quick reply, Tiho! Your hard work is very appreciated.