RC 17 - Cannot select text & scroll down or up in composition (fullscreen) mode

I did a search but couldn’t find an answer.
In the main text editor, when I select text & scroll down/up, it works as expected. But no luck in composition mode. I can only select text that is visible in the window but not text that is further down/up.
Is there a setting for that? Or could it be a bug?
Thanks for your help.

Sorry, my description of the problem was unclear.

In composition mode it’s not possible to select a big chunk of text by dragging the cursor downwards/upwards so that, at the bottom/top of the screen, the text starts to move upwards/downwards and becomes visible respectively selected. But no, the cursor just sticks to the edge and that’s it.

In normal editor mode it works fine.

I checked both MS Word and LibreOffice in full screen mode, and both work fine too. (LibreOffice not so smooth though.)

I get similar problem in composition mode only.

I can select text and push the cursor to the top of the screen and the scroll upwards works perfectly. But selecting while going to the bottom of the screen, I need to use the mouse wheel to scroll down. Otherwise the selection stops when the cursor gets to the bottom of the screen.

Interesting, I can’t. So, top and bottom behaves the same for me. The cursor stops, and selecting text below/beyond the de facto screen state is impossible.

But I got curious and checked again the fullscreen view of MS Word and LibreOffice.

Keep dragging the cursor to the bottom: both work.

But when dragging the cursor to the top, in MS Word it sticks to the edge while in LibreOffice the text moves and can be selected. Interesting indeed.

(Win 10 Pro 64)

I’m seeing this behaviour as well. Like the OP, I’m unable to select-scroll in either direction, up or down, and again this behaviour seems exclusive to Composition Mode.

I get the same behavior as the rest of you. I agree it’s a bug because my Mac version doesn’t do that.

For now, I work around it by selecting a few words at the beginning of the desired selection, then scrolling down to where I want to end the selection, holding down the shift key and clicking where I want the selection to end.


Oh, very good! Thanks for the hint.