[RC1] Tutorial comments

I have never worked through the Tutorial before – just jumped in and got on with using the Beta, but as release date looms, I thought I would give it a proper read.

I found what seems to be a mistake:

Under “The Basics | Getting Oriented | Main Interface | The Editor” it says:

Tip #2: To see the word count of your entire draft, hover over the search field in the toolbar with your mouse. Doing so will display a count of all the words in the Draft folder (on the left) and a count of the words you have written in the current session (on the right).

– But nothing actually changes in the footer when you do this (also, it’s not clear whether it means hover over the button with the Magnifying glass icon, or whether you have to open the search box and hover over that; either way, nothing happens.

Please, note you have to hover over the search field in the TOOLBAR.

Still not sure what that means. This is the “Toolbar”:

By “search field” do you mean A or B? Either way, nothing happens in the footer (where the word count is displayed) when I hover over either.

In your screenshot the Quick Search toolbar item is above the 1.0x spacing button.

Confirmed. Mine came up as soon as I hovered into it. But it is a bit misleading in my opinion as it has the title part of the document I’m currently working in and only after I click on it does it say ‘Search’

Yes, I can confirm that it does works (thanks), but I had never noticed that the title becomes “Quick search” when you click on it – perhaps the interface/manual/tutorial needs some work to indicate that the title has this useful extra function?

Glad that reading the Tutorial is useful after all, even for experienced users. :wink:

Another very minor mistake in the tutorial:
Under the section on quick reference it says:
Go to Navigate > Quick Reference > Research > spacewalk_info

Quick Reference should be Open Quick Reference.

This caught me because I was looking for a first letter of Q

Opening a couple of articles as quick reference windows was new to me. Also, pulling bookmarks out as quick reference I hadn’t done. Very cool especially if you have multiple screens.

It’s true, actually!

One thing that hit me right away is that the ‘Composition Mode’ file as the first thing you meet in ‘Get Oriented’’ section seems pretty out of place, doesn’t it?

Seems it might do well as a ‘special’ or ‘by the way’ ability, placed just before ‘All Set’ in ''Get Going"section. Oder…

Anyway, nice job, clear, and is making even clearer what the RC1 has brought Scrivener Windows to be: excellent! And very useful… I can see that, and how it will be as I am taking off on Runway Future…

Occurs to me also that explaining locking a split-out editor could be pretty advantageous at the beginning of the Editors section .

And then locking could be deployed judiciously through areas where you’re giving steps in that section, as it is much further on in the tutorial…

Suspect this would make that discussion much clearer, and you need such; it’s still pretty dense, no?

By now I’ve whistled through and found all sorts of things. Again, Scrivener’s gotten more straightforward while gathering features, which is pretty good work done! Some of those I know you’re not finished editing, but at least for the earlier experienced, most of the information is there, after which Google can have a fresh try at being your friend…