RC10 - Inconsistent pasteboards generated on Copy Document as External Link

Hi - When we select Edit > Copy Special > Copy Document as External Link Scrivener generates pasteboards for Rich Text, Plain Text, and HTML. The application we paste into determines which pasteboard to prioritize. All three contain the target URI beginning with x-scrivener-item://, but the Rich Text pasteboard uses that same URI as its visible text, while the HTML pasteboard uses the document’s title. That’s a confusing and seemingly needless inconsistency.

Pastes within Scrivener prioritize the Rich Text. So if the user wants a live link with the doc title, they must know to use Copy Document as External Link when pasting into Word or an HTML doc, but Copy Documents as Structured Linked List when pasting within Scrivener. The latter command produces no HTML pasteboard, just plain text with the document names, no links. It should generate an HTML pasteboard aligned with its Rich Text pasteboard in my view. The typical user is not likely to know which pasteboard a given app is going to prioritize, so pasting behavior will be more predictable if Scrivener structures like pasteboards alike.

Rgds - Jerome