RC10 - Styles Font Mac/Win

Good morning.
I use Scrivener for Mac and tried to open a project on Scrivener RC10 on Windows 10.
I see that all styles do not respect the font set on Mac, even if it is present on Windows 10.
Is it a bug, or can I set something?
Thank you.

I’ve just tried this and it seems very dependent on the font. Some common fonts on the Mac like Helvetica and Times were switched to Arial and Times New Roman, respectively. Other fonts worked as they should. Are you sure you have the same version of the font on both machines? Not just the same name but the same actual font file?

If the font is just assigned to text, rather than in a style, does it get carried across correctly?

If you use the same font in a RTF or Word file, not Scrivener, and move it between the Mac and Windows does the same thing happen?

You’re right, that’s right: the Helvetica font on Mac is transformed into Arial.
Now I’ll try it with an operating system independent font. Let’s see what happens.
Thank you.

Good morning.
I confirm that with a “non-system” font in the styles there is a correspondence between Scrivener Win and Scrivener Mac.