RC16: Unexpected Close of All Projects

I had three projects open. I clicked the X at the top right of one window to close that project, but all three closed. I tried again with two projects open, and both closed when I clicked the X for one of them.

Is this the intended behavior? I expected to close only the project I clicked the X for. It seems dangerous to close all projects like that.


Just chiming in to add that I experienced this problem, too.

For what it’s worth, I have one project open where the project folder is on my PC (non-cloud) and a second project open that’s sourced from a folder on Dropbox. Who knows, maybe that might help replicate the glitch consistently?

Edit to add: Closing one project (regardless of which it is) closes the whole application.

CTRL+F4 and going to the File → Close Project option also causes all open projects to close as well.

Edit the Second: I’ve noticed that going into File → Options → Startup, if I uncheck “Reopen projects that were open on click” I don’t have this issue anymore.

If you check the option “File → Options → Startup > Reopen projects that were open on click” do you still get all projects auto-closed?

I also get this problem. It’s a pain as I usually have a ‘writing toolkit’ project open alongside my main WIP project Just to add that the auto-backup isn’t performed on the open projects you haven’t asked to be closed, which is worrisome if their unintended closure occurs during a file sync back to Dropbox.

Unlike an earlier reporter, unticking auto-open in startup options doesn’t solve the problem (I’ve never had it ticked).
Here are my setup option settings:

Yes, I do. See my more detailed reply in another post to this thread.

Sorry guys but no matter what I try, I cannot reproduce this problem.

Can’t reproduce it either. I’m presuming there’s nothing special about any of the open projects?