[RC2] Is Sitka Text the new default editor font?

In RC2 I discovered that on my machine(s) neither Segoe UI nor Calibri (the font I chose when Segoe UI no longer worked for me) is the default font.
Instead, it’s now Sitka Text, although I’ve made no changes at my end.
Is this the new standard, or more confusion regarding standard editor fonts by Scrivener?

Whatever the case, I’ve already warmed to Sitka (except for the peculiar numerical characters), so I expect I’ll keep using it. :smiley:

Yes, Sitka and its variants like Heading, Small, etc. are the new defaults for text and notes.

Odd. In Beta 22/RC 2, if I select something in the binder, without clicking the doc/chapter/whatever it is, the formatting toolbar shows “Segoe UI” as the (greyed-out) “No Style” font. (leftover/missed, I’m guessing?)

But Sitka looks a darned sight better than Segoe UI. Thanks.

I really, really don’t like Sitka. How do I change the default editor font?

How do I fix or convert formatting in my project?