RC21 - Session Targets - 250 word target met after making minor edits to 5 words

I have started to use session targets in an attempt to improve my writing discipline. I have the session target set for 250 words

I upgraded to RC21 last night but did not do any writing yesterday. This morning I opened my WIP and made a few edits impacting only about 5 words… The session target has been met pop-up appeared.

Why? I don’t know but I do know I didn’t write 250 words before that message appeared.

What am I doing wrong or is it a bug?


Interesting. When I first opened a project after installing RC21, I got a message that didn’t last long enough on the screen to capture it. It said that my Session Targets had been met, or maybe exceeded, I can’t remember. I have never used session targets and I wasn’t going to even mention it on the forum until I say your post. I unfortunately have not been able to replicate it.

I think this is the message you’re seeing “Session Timeout. Targets will be reset.”

Not sure if this helps your question or not.

Edit: A discussion here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/session-targets-timeout-session-targets-will-be-reset/50248/5

Well remembered, SophieKisker, I think that’s it.
Maybe notifications should be off by default.

Thank you, Sophie! That’s probably it. The message does flash by too quickly to be read.

It’s a minor thing but distracting.

If I have session targets set and am starting a new session, I w old expect the reset and don’t need to be told about it. i rather see a error or message when something isn’t working right and have it last long enough to read. Possibly have to affirmatively acknowledge it or (better yet) have a alert or message center that I can check.

Yes, I’ve been seeing this happen for quite a few versions - perhaps as much as a year.

I held up bothering @Tiho about it until better understood. Recently, I managed to trap it (see image below),
and then understood the area, if not what it was trying to tell me.

I haven’t ever used Session Targets. I believe I get this flash-up mostly, at least, when I open a project which has been idle for a while. Or it could be that old projects have some unexpected data in them, which sets this off.

Given it occurs with no use of its feature, pretty clear it should be made to go away :slight_smile:


I think this continues from this report almost a year ago [url]https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh4669-not-sure-if-this-is-a-bug-exactly-misplaced-notifications/51042/1].

Good catch – and that item seems to have had effect via Ms. Mouton, as the thing is centered now, at least on a laptop screen.

But the real thing is that it should not be showing at all, one would mainly think…when the feature isn’t in use, when it shows as very fast blink anyway, and intermittently, on some openings of some otherwise-fine projects –

Imagining we’d agree, Jestar, so thanks for your usual helpfulness and insight.

Rightly so. I had turned mine off (back then after it had turned itself on) and haven’t touched it since. I’m not using the target reset stuff - I don’t need the extra pressure - but I would be concerned if it suddenly turned itself back on. :open_mouth: