[RC4] Menu Font Distorted

This is a known issue with grayed-out items in Dark Mode themes. Just to confirm, do you see the same issue if you switch to a non-Dark Mode theme?

This is across all themes. It’s been noted and is not as easily fixable as some might suspect. See the below thread as it is noted but not a high priority at this time.


It’s not on all themes. The default looks like this:

Solarized is also fine:

Clipboard Image (1).png

In the very link you provide, tiho clearly states:

(emphasis added).

It’s not all themes.

I stand corrected on the default one but I had gone through each and ever one once and the Solarized Light look fuzzy, washed out when compared to the normal lettering ones. But that may be due to my eyesight changing with age as well.