[RC5] Copy/paste does not copy proper indentation

Hi Scrivener!

On Version: Beta (909024) 64-bit, when I copy/paste, the line indentation is not properly copied over.

That probably sounds a bit too abstract to be helpful, so I’ve made a recording to show what I mean:

> Direct link to video (.mp4)

Let me know if I can give more information,

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[size=85](I’ve searched the forum for duplicate issues but didn’t find any. Let me know if I overlooked other topics in which this report better fits.)[/size]

I think this behavior is as we’d want it when the selection range begins within the boundary of the indentation. If we’re copying a phrase within an indented paragraph, we probably don’t want the indentation picked up on paste into another paragraph. If the selection range in the video had included the D above // code example , paste would have picked up the indent.

Rgds - Jerome

Thanks for your reply! But I disagree. When I copy two indented lines, I want them to show just as they are indented in the original source. I don’t want to copy extra things, just to get the indentation right.

Previous beta versions did copy with the proper indentation, and not in the way you’d like.

I have been bugged by this, too. A quick way to reproduce it. Type three lines, no spaces:
Select from a to z (include or exclude z; doesn’t matter.)
Move to end of document.
Indentation is lost.

This appears to be an end-of-doc issue, which is a tricky area for coding: there is no paragraph marker entered by the user, but the code often needs one.

But it also happens in the middle.
Put some plain text in the clipboard.
In a new document, type:
Place the cursor on the third (empty) line.
The clipboard is pasted with no indentation.
My quick and dirty fix for this is to paste Crtl+shift+V.

I don’t want to ask for too much, but I’d love to hear a reply from the Scrivener team. Because for me this issue breaks my copy/paste workflow. And is thus pretty serious, rather than a visual glitch or something.

I thought I already put time and effort into the opening post, but if you need more information I would happily provide it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening/reading!

This is definitely a bug. It doesn’t work like this in the Mac version (last I checked, anyway) or in any other word processor I’ve used.

And for me, if I select multiple lines, only the first line’s indentation is lost.

Agreed it’s a bug. It also doesn’t work like this in Windows Scriv 1.9.

Just as an update, the same issue is also present in RC6 ( Beta (937253) 64-bit).

Sorry to say but with copy/pasting text that has indentation is still messed up.

New video.