RC7 Home and Page Up Takes You To Second Line Of Doc

In version Beta (955095) 64-bit on Windows 10 Home version 1903 O.S. build 18362.900, hitting control-home scrolls the document to the second line rather than the first. Same thing happens when using Page Up.

The very bottom of the blinking cursor is visible. Pressing up-cursor has no effect. Pressing right-cursor moves the blinking descender to the right. Pressing down-cursor brings the cursor into view; pressing up-cursor after that moves the cursor off the screen (i.e., doesn’t scroll the doc to the first line) except for the blinking descender.

Using the document window’s scrollbar enables me to see the top line, but the cursor may or may not be visible.

Update: I have found instances in which this apparent bug does not occur but have been unable to find a pattern to explain the difference. In addition, I created a new project but could not replicate the problem.

This problem persists in v. in the same intermittent fashion: some text files in this project, imported from Scrivener for Windows 1, will not display the topmost line when, with the cursor in the middle of the text, Page Up or Home is hit. Instead the first line of display in the editor window is the second line of the file. (The cursor has moved to the top line and its blinking descender is visible.) Up-cursoring makes no change because the cursor is already on the top line. Down-cursoring (so the cursor appears on the second line of copy, which is the first line displayed), followed by up-cursoring, does not cause the display to scroll. The only way to reveal the first line is to click on he up-arrow of the scrollbar. And when that occurs, the main portion of the cursor is not visible – only the descender, blinking as it was before. The cursor become visible again if I right-cursor or -down-cursor.

This happens on some files in the imported project, but not all, and I cannot find a pattern.

This problem persists in v.