[RC8 HIDPI] Cursor gets "stuck" on title

When using the Hi DPI version of RC8, when in scrivenings mode, with show titles on, the cursor will get anchored to the title and cannot be removed. When you first start using Scrivener, everything works fine, but after a few moments moving the cursor around with the arrow key, if one passes through a scrivening title, the cursor will get stuck there, and will staunchly refuse to be moved anywhere else in the text.

You can still highlight text with the mouse cursor, but the “edit cursor” will not move. In other words, you can’t place the cursor somewhere in the text to start typing or backspacing. I’m calling he edit cursor the long, blinking solid line, rather than the mouse cursor, which is an arrow. Normally, you could place the edit cursor somewhere in the text by pointing the mouse cursor there and clicking, but not with this bug .

Once the edit cursor gets “stuck” on the chapter title, you can’t move it to another location. The only fix is to exit and reenter the program. But even then, after a few minutes, the cursor gets stuck again, rendering the HIDPI version unusable.

I’m about to reinstall the regular version and see if things change. . .

PS: I just reinstalled the regular version of RC8 and everything works fine, so the problem seems to lie in the Microsoft HIDPI compile library.

I see the same problem with HiDPI version RC8.