RC9 ( - Bug of the view and layout settings.

View settings for a new project are not saved (for exapmle: Use Label Сolor in; Show Subdocument Coutns In Binder).
When using any Layout (the saved Layout settings) the settings are not applied correctly (for exapmle: Show Subdocument Coutns In Binder).

Options such as the sub document counts and use of label colours are stored in the projects display settings file and so would be limited to the active project. There isn’t a way to export those settings.

Application wide settings can be set in Options.

Layouts also only save some settings (see below). The only way you could carry over all the settings from one project to another would be to set up a project as you wanted, save it as a template, and then create new projects from that.

If you look at page 241 of the manual it lists what is included in a saved layout:
Window size and position and the sizes of elements within them, such as
how wide the binder is or the ratio between the two splits.
— Binder, collection list and inspector visibility.
— Split type (horizontal/vertical/none).
— Which split(s) the Navigate ▸ Binder Selection Affects option is set to.
— Whether Navigate ▸ Corkboard|Outliner Selection Affects the other editor or
copyholder (but not the presence of a copyholder itself, as that is like Quick
Reference panels a project-dependent piece of information).
— Header and footer bar visibility in either split.
— Whether editors are locked in place.
— Ruler and format bar visibility.



  1. I open a new blank project.
  2. I set up this settings:
    • Use Label Color In (Icons, Index Cards, Outliner Rows);
    • Outline (Show Subdocument Counts In Binder).
  3. I Save a Layout with this settings…
  4. I close the project.
  5. I open an another new blank project.
  6. I load the saved Layout…
  7. After load the settings are applied:
    • Use Label Color In (Icons, Index Cards, Outliner Rows);
    • Outline (Show Subdocument Counts In Binder).
      But, nothing works…

The reenable of these settings helps.

It’s the bug.

Scrivener does nto save all settings with “save options.” I believe “save options” only saves those things that can be set or unset in the Options Dialog box (file -> Options). It does not save things like “Use label color in… Binder”. However, Scrivener should save its own settings from one instance of use to the next. It does for me. I set them to what I want and forget them; they stay there. If they’re not doing that for you, you may have a faulty installation of Scrivener, or some other thing set that’s preventing it (tho at the moment, I cannot think of anything like that). Or, perhaps, you’re confusing “layout” with “options,” or even something else.

Save Layout should save the positions of the various elements of your editing console, however you laid them out. I’m not sure what all is included in “metadata appearance options,” though on inspection of a saved layout file (which vaguely resembles a Windows INI file, but it’s rather strange in layout), that would be things like BinderAffects, Editor Area Width, Tint Binder Icons, and the like. Not everything is included, but many things are, including Use Label Colors (it’s in the XML part of the layout file. I did mention it was strange; part of that is combining “ini” style syntax with (what seems to be) rtf syntax and also xml syntax). So, I know it’s IN there.

If you want metadata saved in a layout file (Windows -> Layouts -> Manage Layouts), you need to check the “metadata appearance options” checkbox:

To save your OPTIONS, use the Manage options tool, but it only saves the stuff in the Options dialogs, to my recollection. It doesn’t save anything else.

Do you mean that after you have loaded the layout that you expect the label colors and documents sub-counts to be applied already?

Or that when you go back to the menus to apply them again they don’t work?

Yes. Because these settings are saved in the layout. Reenable thees settings helps.

Ran across something while trying to follow along with this thread. Check out the keyboard command to open Layouts and the Scratchpad (the red color highlight in the screenshot). Yep, they are the same. And when trying to use that keyboard command, it brings up the Scratchpad. Oops.

And what the heck is the Meta key? (the yellow highlight?)

So I can confirm the Show Subdocument Counts in Binder isn’t working when following these steps. It shows as being set, but it does not change the display in the Binder. Noted by OP, selecting the option again in View->Outline(?)->Show Subdocument Counts in Binder will make the counts appear but does not toggle the option off.
As for the Use Label Color, you must apply labels to the documents and folders in the new project to have the settings apply - they seem to do so when you apply the saved (and imported ) layout. I noticed that you must have the two checkboxes checked to get all of the settings to save.
Annotation 2020-09-04 101103.png
FWIW, I expected the Use button to close the layout selection dialog: select a layout and click use closes the dialog and takes you back into the project to actually start writing, editing, etc. That is not the case, you have to close that dialog box with the little red X in the upper right corner. If you don’t, the layout dialog will remain open and floating on top of any other windows even outside of Scrivener.

Fix it, please.

RC9 ( - Bug of the view and layout settings.