Re-size image upon insert?

Hey ya,

This one’s reaaallyyy bugging me :cry:

I create a lot of screen shots:
shift,ctrl,cmd+4 (mac)

But when pasted into Scivener,they tend to be 50% bigger than the original.
Please see:

Then for each screen shot, I have to click on the image, scale it down by 50% and continue.

Considering I do this ~70 times a day, it can become pprreetttyyy repetitive. :cry:

I can’t find a way to automate it. I’ve search in Mac automator, apple script code, image tools, cmd options, the lot. None of them get the job done.
The only thing that came close is “InstantShot!”, but if scaled using that, the picture looks horrible.

Is there any way to automate image scaling? :question:



Do you have your text editor set to 150% zoom? If so that would explain it, and then in actual fact you are undersizing your images to what they should be, since ultimately they will export out at 100% they would be too small. Here is an example:

Both were pasted in while the editor was at 150%, the top one was then shrunk until it “looked right”, the second one was left at its artificially inflated size, and then the editor set to 100% to return it to what the compiled result will be. Now the resized one is too small.

Do you make use of the compiler’s reformatting features? If so, try setting your default font to something better legible to your eye, and then let the compiler handle pushing it out in final form at 12pt or whatever it is you need.

Yah, I set my fonts to 11 and zoom at 150%, so when compiled it looked the right size.

I’ll try the compilation option,will keep you posted.

Thank you!!!