Re: Window Q2

We are days away from the end of Q2. Is Windows 3.0 about to be released or is another estimated release date going to come and go?

Do you really want a repeat of the last topic you made about the release date?

When we have something to announce, we will announce it.


We all know you’re going to miss the Q2 target, as per usual. Why wait until June 30 to acknowledge it?

Who is this “we” you so fondly speak of?

If you’re so sure of it, why are you wasting electrons badgering them about it?

Hey Katherine, would it be possible to remove the stated Q2 “deadline” on the website? Since you’re taking the “wait until it’s ready approach” anyway, there shouldn’t be a deadline to generate posts like this. What do you think?

Being accustomed to hearing “When it’s ready!” from the gaming world, the delay doesn’t trouble me as much as it seems to be troubling others. In the meantime the current Windows client seems perfectly sufficient to me.

The Windows 3.0 beta works pretty good too. It’s interesting, Beta 17 expires in 3 days, and they haven’t posted another one yet, so maybe they are making the Q2 deadline. In any case, I appreciate the time they’ve taken on this, because the Beta 3.0 4 releases back had a lot of issues. Beta 17 has been really stable and looks pretty good for a release candidate. Looking forward to the official release, whenever that ends of being.

I’ve never seen them post an update about the next beta before it was made available to download, and they rarely post them until the last day or second to last day of the current beta. The reasoning as far as I’ve gleaned is simple: If the beta deadlines overlapped too much, then they’d have to determine which of the current betas the user was reporting on. So they wait until pretty close to the expiry, and then release the new beta.

I’m guessing they have at least one more beta before the final commercial release. Although, I do notice that there aren’t any “known issues” listed in the beta 17 post, so maybe I’m being a pessimist. Only time will tell (Lit & Lat know better).

Thanks for all the input guys and gals. I love Scrivener. Use both PC and Mac. Can’t wait until they merge…

Katherine and the team. You have to be kidding me. You post that Windows 3.0 will be out by the end of Q2 after missing previous deadlines, and five days away from that deadline (Which is MONDAY) you release update 1.9 whatever… because of Paddle? Who cares about Paddle. Where is the real update? This is ridiculous.

Every existing Mac or Windows Scrivener user cares about Paddle, because failure to make the transition would have caused all existing registrations to break. We thought addressing that was kind of important. … ith-paddle


One small correction – none of the previous dates have been deadlines. They have been estimated dates of completion. It might help set expectations more appropriately if you keep that in mind.

Personally, I’d prefer that the update doesn’t go out until all its bugs have been sorted out. the frustration of the wait is far less than that of constant operational failures and waste hours searching for answers.

that said, I’m not sure how satisfied users of the beta windows 3 are.

fact is, i haven’t seen any application which comes close to Scrivener as far as productivity/workflow for a creative writer.

and as usual, d prefer if it was cheaper. :smiley:

That, I think, is the least reasonable criticism possible. Scrivener is probably one of the best values for software out there.

Thanks for the comments guys

Dali, the bug issue is good point obviously. We want it clean. Thanks for commenting

As someone who has been using the Beta for almost a year, I’ve VERY happy with it. However, I was very happy with Version 1.9x as well. Best program I’d found and then made much better with V 3 even though still in Beta.

It can do all the things I need done and the workflow and organization are even better than 1.9x. There are still things it doesn’t do, and two of them I’d like to do, one of them the older version does right. Still, this is my go to program (the beta) for lots of different kinds of projects, not just creative writing.

Pricing, even with the price increase, is still very reasonable considering the complexity of the software.

Are we still getting the free upgrade? I bought back in October.