Readability Index

There is a simple formula for determining how readable your piece of text is. The formula can be found at

it would be nice to have in Scrivener (beside the number of words and chars in the footer). Personally I would get at least as much information by knowing how readable my text is, as from knowing how many characters are in it.

This has been suggested (and rejected) before. I don’t really like formulas that are supposed to determine something as subjective as “readability”, for one thing; for another, Scrivener knows nothing about sentences and syllables. The latter, especially, would be a massive undertaking.

“To boldly go where no one has ever buggered up before” is a class line appreciated by an English speaker.
A program which measures appreciability is measured by the lowest common denominator.
I wonder which nation that is ?

Lets go for class writing for people that read and buy books rather than those who are read to.

It may be a shrinking audience but you can afford to buy a round of drinks for them.


Though cf. my rant in the Writer’s Block forum recently, quoting “Mind the Gaffe”, about why there is no such thing as a split infinitive, and thus “to boldly go” is perfectly fine. :slight_smile: