Readability tool

This is such a great product, I’m stunned. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted/needed. Your port to Windows comes at a perfect time. Thanks! :smiley:

Now my question: Do you think you’ll ever add a readability tool to the system? Before you say no, let me explain. Readability is something I check for during the editing process to help refine my material. (And which I could clearly use here!) It displays Flesch-Kincaid/FOG type stuff, the use of the passive, words per sentence, syllables per word, most-used words. Those types of things.

I’d imagine others would find such a tool useful, too. If you’ve used OpenOffice, there’s an add-on that does much of this (based on Maybe it could be ported? My current workflow involves a significant amount of cutting and pasting into and out of OO and it would be great if I could stay in Scrivener instead. :open_mouth:

Okay, and oops and all that. Just saw your thingy about not making feature requests for another few releases while you catch up to the Mac version. So, my bad. (That said, what I’m asking for would in fact make the PERFECT enhancement to your Statistics feature :smiley: ). All right, I’ll stop…

Hi and welcome to the forum.
I just used the Search…panel for three terms:
Reading level
Flesch (because one measure of R is called the Flesch-Kincaid)
And found many, many hits.
We’ve discussed this topic often.
You might find those discussions of interest.
I also found an online readability checker that may be useful for you.
Just paste your text in the box and choose the calculator.