Reading a draft on an Android or Mac tablet

I would like to know a couple good ways and processes to read a book draft on a tablet. Rather than printing out hundreds of pages of a compiled Word document is there 1 or more way(s) to get a book out of Scrivener and onto a Android (primary interest) or Mac tablet? What do I need to actually go through to accomplish what I am after?

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You could compile to pdf. I like xodo as an Android pdf reader.

You could compile to epub - I like Moonreader + reader, but there are lots of them.

Then of course you just copy the file to your tablet.

Thanks steveshank. Do you have any comment as to a pdf format versus an epub format? Does one versus the other react or perform any better in a tablet environment?

If I only want to read, without annotating, I vompile to epub or mobi, but if I want to edit the text I compile to pdf and annotate on my iPad using Notability and my Apple pencil.

Thanks lunk, interesting. I’ve kinda thought about the editing capability issue but then I stopped and thought about it. I’m interested in just people being able to read the whole draft for purposes of giving their opinions to the story and plot in general.

Then again, as I think about it some more, I might just try to do some editing myself and see how I like the portability of a tablet editing scenario. I also need to check on the pencil concept. I like that idea for editing. I’ll have to next determine if my LG 10.1pad Android tablet will support such functions.

Reading is much easier if it’s in epub or mobi format, because they enable the reader to choose a text font and size that makes the reading more comfortable.

If the tablets have the Kindle App installed, then the owners can use Send to Kindle (StK):

Compile a MOBI and/or EPUB and email it to them with the above link. They may be able to forward the email to the StK email address, or they can save it to their computer/device. They can then use the service to have it format and install the correct version in their device’s Kindle library.

If you install “Send to Kindle” on your laptop, you’ll have it available as a right-click menu item. You can then send your .doc or .docx file to your reader/laptop of choice for review. I send it to both phone and reader for the differing views.

This is definitely a plus

I realize I can probably check out the following comment myself on the web, but anyway - I wonder if Send to Kindle is available for desktop usage.

If you install “Send to Kindle” on your laptop/desktop, you’ll have it available as a right-click menu item. You can then send your .doc or .docx file to your reader/laptop/desktop of choice for review. I send it to both phone and reader for the differing views.

Understood. Thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes . . . I am going to contradict myself inside my own thread with the following question:

Has anyone had any experience with any Android tablet/phone eReader app that can highlight text and maybe even comment or annotate also? . . . My main interest is the highlighting though. Also - working primarily with ePub/mobi. I already have apps for PDF.

Hi Dekade,

On the Kindle app for iPhone, you can highlight and annotate .mobi files. I assume the Android works the same, but don’t own Android myself, so cannot verify it.


I use Moonreader It can do everything you want and more. :mrgreen:

Thanks for the tip, I have gone to Play Store and looked at this app. Yes, I agree, it does look great. Pro Version at $4.99 USD isn’t too bad of a bad deal. I think I’ll try it out in the next few days.

I’m still on the fence about Kindle for Android. It does stuff, but, IMHO, it just doesn’t seem to do things smooth enough. Maybe Moon+ will yield the same results, but, I get the feeling it might not. :neutral_face: