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Okay, I admit it. I’ve been using CopyWrite for a few years now, but my frustration increases with every page (and - well - there are a lot of them) With many pages my desire mounts to - sporadically - see the “big picture”. Let us assume that I am the “shuffle things around” type of author. So you have Text bits A17 to Q144 and you mix them around, which was a pain in CopyWrite, since you had to rename manually in order to change the sequence. Now after you changed you would like to go into full-screen and read through the whole darn thing, or at least skimm through it, you know, to get a feel of how the text flows into each other, maybe change a word here or there. How is this done in Scrivener? I see how I can “Full Screen Edit” one Document, but the whole thing? How do I do that?

Hi Mr. N. Okay - Great first post, really, and I enjoy your writing, and do hope you will manage to publish any of it at any time of your live. I understand: life can be tough with that Landrover Discovery in your carpot and a company calling for 13+ hour shifts to get the job done. Still, sometimes, sometimes, do toy around with those programs you download, before crying out for help.

To answer your question: There is a little button - well, actually it is a rather prominent bugger - at the top left corner of your application window, entitled “Edit Scrivenings”. You may, my good friend, select any part of your story - be it a chapter, a part or the so called whole darn thing and hit that button to see and edit the all text that belongs to that particular section. It is quite simple, isn’t. Feels like the main feature or the program, somehow, doesn’t it?

Wanna blush? Now is as good a time as any…

Regards, N.

I welcome all schizophrenic new users. Both of you. :slight_smile:

Glad you figured it out! Post away with any questions you have, don’t worry - and be sure to check out the Tutorial (Help > Tutorial) if you haven’t already. It covers the main features and should take less than an hour to complete.


napperkt, seeing as you’re new to the Scriv. forum, I reckon I should point out the smilies - they were kind of prominent on the left of your screen when you composed your original posts, but I guess you might have missed them. There’s a great one, ah… here… :blush:

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Technically, that would be ‘dissociative identity disorder,’ not schizophrenia.

From Wikipedia: “Despite its etymology, schizophrenia is not synonymous with dissociative identity disorder, previously known as multiple personality disorder or split personality; in popular culture the two are often confused.”

I’m sure you all wanted to know that. :wink:

Bloomin’ wikipedia. Now everyone’s a pedant. :slight_smile:

[citation needed]



Mere de Lucifer!!!

Un autre pedant!!! :imp:

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Seems to be quite a crowd around these forums. Thanks for your kind words and bits of advice and bits of nonesense as well. I’ve been putting some chapters of my little project into Scrivener by now, it is all running very smoothely - quite impressive really! And I really like your way of handeling competition. Putting up a list and detailed description of all the other software out there is a rare sight. So… I will test for a few more days, wait for my next pay-check and then cough up the cash required to purchase this beautifull marvel of writing software.

No more questions (for now). All very self-explainatory. (Yes - I don’t do tutorials…)

Thanks again, everybody. I shall stick around.


PS: Oh, and no: I am not a native English speaker. So be forgiving, linguistical nerds!