'Reading time' feature in Scrivener 3 -- can I customize the reading speed (e.g., average words per minute)?

I’ve just noticed the new “Reading time” feature under the Project | Statistics menu (or by clicking the word count on the bottom status bar). My question: is there a way to customize the assumed reading speed here, e.g., by specifying a ‘words per minute’ speed?

This ‘Reading time’ feature would be super useful for me when preparing conference talks–but only if I can make Scrivener calculate based on my actual average reading speed. Currently, whatever reading speed it assumes is nearly twice as fast as I actually read papers in front of an audience.


Can’t find a way to customise the setting, but FYI the manual says…

Yeah, I just noticed that the manual says that. I’m hoping that’s not where the story ends! Reading speeds–and speaking speeds (i.e., reading aloud times)–are pretty highly variable things, so it’d be really nice to be able to customize this! I suppose I could write up a script that’d copy a document’s text and calculate this, but I like how in Scrivener’s statistics you can choose to exclude/include notes and annotations. That’s really nice, since I typically have a lot of those littering my text!

For conference talks, in my experience, the only accurate gauge is to run through the talk.

Silent reading is always much, much faster than reading aloud.


Alrighty, well, then as cool as the ‘Reading time’ feature seems on the surface, it’s currently of limited use since it can’t be customized. But, hopefully with the base feature in place, something can be added to customize the words per minute. (After all, even silent reading speeds vary quite a bit.)