Really good YouTube channels / Blogs on writing?

It’s a new year and I’m re-energised with creative spirit and enthusiam. Can anyone recommend some good YouTube channels that talk about creative writing that I can follow to keep that vibe going for as long as I can? Blogs and Podcasts are also welcome, but priority one is really good YouTube channels (or playlists)!


Perhaps antithesis to what you’re asking, but I actually have cut off all those things. I find listening to others telling me about their writing does little to help me with mine.

I spent over 10+ years working with authors and writers in various organizations and nonprofits geared to helping writers/authors succeed. I honestly found the more I was around them, the worse I did. You reach a point where you know enough that you have to go forward and no amount of additional information is going to help until you walk with the light you have. Then you know what you need, because as you journey your light is not strong enough to overcome the mists of darkness that come. Then learning is focused.

It’s when writing conferences, workshops, etc. have all become a social club or a compare monster. Each person waiting for the next to succeed and hopefully that next person’s success gives just enough splash to lift others’ literary boats. I’ve stepped away from the educational and promotional community. I’ve been much happier and much more productive since.

So what I actually do, is listen to philosophy or psychology channels, basically “human condition” topics that drive a deep emotional motivation and deeper insight into people and characters. There are too many to list, but Academy of Ideas is a good place to start on YouTube and generally you’ll find many others in its comments.

I have often times gone to the following YouTube channels for advice/info.

Jenna Moreci []
Vivien Reis. []

But like all things, ymmv. So ‘good’ is all very relative.


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Same thing happens to me when I read/hear people teaching writing structure and how you should do this or do that and all that kind of boring stuff you just learn by reading a bit and writing yourself.

But, hearing encouraging stories about people writing is always reassuring, especially when you’re beginning and because writing is a lonely job.
A youtube channel I like to watch (mostly hear) sometimes is Film Courage.
It’s about screenwriting but very helpful in many ways, about how the pros work and what they have gone through. Very interesting and often relatable people and topics.
I discovered this channel with their inspiring video Don’t get it right, get it written.

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I like Abbie Emmons (on YouTube) specifically. But also just about anything that comes up with respect to “story”, “narrative”, “art of story”, that sort of thing in a YouTube search. I particularly like the “FilmCourage” channel, and Michael Hauge’s explanation of developing narrative. But there are lots of others out there.

I think that’s true too.