Rearrange in Corkboard and Binder Stopped Working?!


Working with two, very different, Scrivener manuscripts.

*One of the MS’ allows rearranging items in the corkboard and/or binder.
*The other MS doesn’t allow rearranging items at all…it is as if they were locked in place.

Because I want to rearrange some items in the “locked” MS, I’ve searched the User’s Guide and forums…without a clue as to what to do.

Suggestions? What can I do to “unlock” items in the corkboard and/or binder?

Many thanks!
Plane Wryter

Are you viewing a search collection in the binder? It should appear with a subtle striped background if that’s the case and a little magnifying glass in the binder header (and probably say something like “Search Results” or other name that isn’t “Binder”). Items in a search can’t be rearranged; they’re dynamically updated and always displayed in binder order. You can get back to the regular binder by clicking the circled “x” in the binder footer.

Likewise, if you’ve loaded this collection in the corkboard, the items wouldn’t be rearrangeable for hte same reason. You also can’t rearrange a multiple selection, so check that the editor header doesn’t say “Multiple Selection”–you’d need to load a container or static collection in order to shuffle the index cards.