Reasons to delay upgrade to Catalina

In general, I advise most people to wait until a X.1 release of any OS upgrade before taking the plunge, but in the case of Catalina, I’m seeing lots of reasons to wait.

Licensing code isn’t quite ready for Catalina:

Kindle Gen isn’t compatible:

MathType isn’t 64 bit compatible:

Window resizing weirdness:

Word count issues:

Bold keyboard shortcut issues:

… and that’s just Scrivener (or related for a subset of Scrivener users). There are all sorts of other 3rd-party programs that are having issues or just don’t work with Catalina.

Do what you want, but I’d advise waiting until Lit & Lat provide an official update that you can install at the very least.

I agree, and won’t be upgrading my personal system until at least 10.15.1. Catalina looks like it was shipped to meet a marketing schedule, not because the developers thought it was ready.

Also, before upgrading make sure that ALL applications you rely on have been upgraded to 64-bit versions. (For Scrivener, that means Scrivener 3.) 32-bit applications WILL NOT run under Catalina.