Rebuilding index?

I have the habit to use CMD+S to save while writing, but today I have seen a tiny window which says something like “rebuilding index…”, it happened even if I typed a few words and saved. I never noticed it. Is it ok? The procedure is very fast, in fact I couldn’t read much.

There is a menu function to “Save and rebuild search indexes” in the File menu.
Have a look in that menu, see if by any chance your key-commands got messed up (?)
Else, it could give you a clue as of what you’d have mistyped. (Not quite just cmd-s.)

But otherwise no, nothing to worry about. (Although it shouldn’t happen.)

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What versions of MacOS and Scrivener?

I’m on Sonoma 14.3.1 (unfortunately) and Scrivener 3.3.6 (13605).

Since upgrading to Sonoma, I have also noticed the tiny window (but never looked closely to see what it says) when doing a S to save. I do have it set to also take a snapshot on Save, I had been *assuming* the window was the snapshot notification. I’ll try and look closer next time I save and report back.

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Well, I noticed that sometimes I was typing strange characters, like Greek characters, instead of the usual ones. I thought it was because I was working after midnight, but it seems it was a computer-related bug. So, that was probably it.
The solution was a restart. On a Mac forum it was suggested a NVRAM reset.

Glad the restart worked. I’d only try an NVRAM reset if the problem doesn’t clear after a restart.

For the record - I did a screen recording and the window I am seeing is the standard “Project Backup” window. It’s a small project so it is flashing very briefly.

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Anyway I think i can’t rule out that the cat walked on the keyboard.

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